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About us

Thomas grew up in southern Germany. As a teenager he started traveling around the world, mostly ending up in Africa. His first long adventure trip led from Kenya to Cameroon - by bike. Other bike trips and expeditions in Africa followed: from Berlin to Capetown, through the Congo and the Sahara. As a journalist and photographer he published reports and documentations about his adventures, the countries and foreign cultures.

When he came to Matema Beach it was love at first sight. He decided to give up journalism, to live here and to share this wonderful and remote part of Africa with other people. In 2010, after an adventurous journey by an historical road train (4x4 truck from 1976 and 2-axle trailer from 1960) from Europe to Matema Beach, the restaurant, the bar and the kitchen could be built, the first bungalows followed.

A great stroke of luck for him and the Blue Canoe Safari Camp was to meet Lailat. She had grown up in Dar Es Salaam and worked there in a big company before she decided to give up her city life in order to accompany Thomas and to live and work with him in this remote area of her country.

Blue Canoe today is the result of Lailat’s innovative and creative mind, her inspiration, her social skills, her good taste and her deep understanding of her country and people and of Thomas’ technical and building skills, his craftsman- and entrepreneurship and his impressing ability to overcome all logistical and bureaucratic obstacles and to cope with all challenges life in this part of Africa has in store.

They both share a deep love of nature, of the country and its people, its culture and traditions. Their common aim is to constantly develop and improve “their project”, the Blue Canoe Safari Camp for their guests.

Their son Simon was born in 2012 - a wonderful boy who grows up in a beautiful and unique natural environment.