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01 Activities Blue Canoe Safari Camp, Matema, Tanzania 02 Activities Blue Canoe, River Mwararo 03 River Mwararo, Blue Canoe, Matema Beach 04 Activities, Matema 05 Birding, Blue Canoe Safari Camp 06 Sunset Blue Canoe, Lake Nyasa, Lake Malawi

Adventure Activities

Blue Canoe with its beach, the lake and the quietness is an ideal place to relax. For the more adventurous we offer different activities:

Lake Malawi with its crystal clear water and its one thousand indigenous species of fish is predestinated for kayaking or snorkelling. The Livingstone Mountain Range invites to go on hiking trips in chilled vegetation. And a nearby river and our own swamp are perfect areas for bird watching: Kingfishers, weaverbirds, herons, falcons or sea eagles are among the avian treasures to be found at Blue Canoe.

Additionally we offer trips to the Mwalalo Waterfall or to the famous pottery village Ikombe, where women of the Kisi tribe artfully produce a great variety of beautiful clay pots.