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Our Philosophy

The location of our Safari Camp is a jewel: the beauty of the lake with its clear water, the breathtaking view of the Livingstone Mountains rising up to 2000 m above sea level, together with our private swamp with papyrus, water lilies, its avian treasures and the calmness - it is a combination where Africa deeply touches your soul.

All our efforts aim at keeping this place as natural as possible by using green energy, environmental-friendly materials and methods. Sustainable tourism is what we stand for.

We have planted more than one thousand fruit and shady trees. You are welcome to taste our mangos, guavas, papayas, lemons or sugar-apples!

We use local and natural materials like bamboo, timber, reed and grass, and we constantly look for traditional and sometimes forgotten techniques and technologies to revive and combine them with western know-how. We are convinced that the result of our effort is a place where Africa gets close to you.

We use green energy wherever possible. Our photovoltaic system supplies us with the electricity we need (light, fridges, freezers, washing machines). The water for the sanitary facilities and the washing machine is heated by solar power. We use dry wood from our compound for cooking. A foot-driven pump leads the water from our well into a water tank. From there it is distributed to all water supplies of our camp. We separate our waste into compost and into rubbish to be burnt or to be recycled. Our compost toilets are hygienic, help to save water and to keep our groundwater at a high level.

We want to play a role in the development of our community by creating jobs. Most people we employ and train live in our neighbouring village Lusungo and nearly all work in our lodge is done manually. We buy food, beverages and building materials as far as possible from our surrounding villages to enhance the local economy. Furthermore we support our primary school and the development of our infrastructure by donations.